Rumors About Blasphemous Facebook Page Being Deleted

There are rumors circulating that the blasphemous Facebook page is deleted. It is true that it was removed temporarily after one of the moderators’ e-mail account was hacked, but it is back up again. Even if the page is deleted in the near future, we should still hold the same feeling of disgust that we hold now. The page being deleted will not make it okay. If someone was to hold a day where people would draw cartoons of your father, and then deleted it later, you know it would not become okay.

The pain that they have caused Muslims is inexcusable. The people who have deleted their Facebook accounts should be proud. Those who haven’t, well, I am sure we can carry on with our lives in the same manner as before without Facebook. We don’t need something that is being used as a platform to insult our religion and our Prophet (saw). To them, Muslims are a joke. However, the loss in revenue due to the number of Muslims who have deleted their Facebook accounts is surely not being taken as a joke.

What I find funny is that they complained about the Facebook ban in Pakistan. That is the height of idiocy. So what were they expecting. Should we have welcomed the mockery with open arms? They can complain all they want about the government ban, but what are they going to do about the deletion of Facebook accounts.

Drawing anyone’s cartoon in the name of free speech is wrong, but when it is that of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), it becomes a crime of the highest sort. They have committed a crime. We need to respond. Our Facebook accounts need to go. I can’t believe people have deluded themselves into thinking that we should ignore their crime because we are to follow the character of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). Tell me the same thing when someone draws cartoons of your father.

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  1. Felix: why are caricatures/cartoons of Jesus not allowed to be published in Europe/U.S.? Why is denial of the Holocaust a crime in Europe? So much for freedom of speech and expression!!

  2. “Drawing anyone’s cartoon in the name of free speech is wrong, but when it is that of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), it becomes a crime of the highest sort.”

    Nonsense. One religion does not get to dictate to the rest of the world what is and isn’t a crime.
    The permission to draw caricatures is a vital part of freedom. There is no higher freedom than to hold your own opinion, to be allowed to state your thoughts without fear of punishment.
    If you think different, you may say so, as that is your right and will be defended so by any advocate of free speech.

    If you want to enforce sectarian religious laws among that religion’s adherents, go ahead. The Vatican can not order muslims to drink of the blood of Jesus, and muslims can not order Hindus not to draw a Mohammad, and atheists can not order Jews to stay silent during prayer. That is what freedom of religion means.

    A muslim informed me that the very thought of drawing Mohammad is useless, as nobody knows what he looked like. Therefore no drawing or painting can show him, so it can’t be a crime either.

    Draw my father in any way you choose. It will not make me call my government to cut my country off from your server, I will not hack your page, your account or your computer, I will not release your name and address to terrorists, and I will not gloat about your coming punishment.

    Have a nice day.


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