Rule of Law Must Prevail

Elections are over, congratulations to the winning candidates and condolences to the losing ones are over, the euphoria is dying now and as the dust of hope is settling down, people are feverishly expecting the implementation of promises.

Like all other human beings, we are also short on time and cannot wait. We want the change now. For us the change mean the revocation of everything the past regime stood for. That includes that we want reinstatement of judiciary and media, with control over prices and terrorism, and a clear vision.

The problem is that President Musharraf doesnt want change, and he wants to remain there at the top supervising things, and he wants to carry on with his neo PCO-tainted judges, and the continuation of his policies.

Pakistanis have indicted Musharraf, and they want him to go now. Makhdoom Amin Fahim must also stop acting like Jamali and if he wants that he doesn’t lose the respect and regard of people, he must shed the dual stances and come up with some radical ideas.

1 thought on “Rule of Law Must Prevail”

  1. I don’t see Nawaz Sharif and Zardari wishing to have an independent judiciary. With the PPP back in power, the people of Karachi are wondering how long it will be before the land around the Quaid’s mausoleum is taken over for making twenty-storey shopping malls, or the beaches are handed over to the construction mafia. Only an independent judiciary can save Karachi (and Pakistan) now.


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