Roti 5 Rupay

I am convinced of the wisdom and insight of United States. I am for America. I am thoroughly pro-America. Hey, Al-Qaeda, stop there. Before blowing me up in a suicide attack first at least let me finish this post.

Up till now I was also part of that unreasonable crowd which was lamenting the return of Benazir Zardari to Pakistan, and blaming America to once again inflicting her curse upon us. But now, the more I think about it, the more I become convinced of Uncle Sam’s sapience. America has made a true selection for us. She (i.e. America) knows that almost all of Pakistanis are looters, and so another looter would be an ideal choice as their next prime minister. This time, they have decided to pitch a proven and historical looter.

Who is not looter here? Because, currently only bloggers read the blogs of others, so I would say that only bloggers are the exception. All of the rest are looters, plunderers and thieves. From the top-level to the highest level, from peon to managing director, from industrialists to farmers, from army-men to judges, from lawyers to doctors, from teachers to students, everyone is looting according to the capability and ability.

How could “Nan Bais” refrain from doing so? They got some sort of alien order from the upper space, and sky-rocketed the price of “Chapatis” and “Nan’s”. Especially in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, they sold it for Rs. 5. When masses cried, and authorities cracked down, they went on strike. Then chapati started to sell in “black” for Rs. 10.

We are a very pathetic lot. We once again caved-in to the black-mailing of these disgusting Nan Bais. Authorities pleaded with them, and they with by showering huge blessings over the nation, decided to open up their filthy shops on the condition that they will sell the “Chapati” on the previous price of Rs. 3, but will sell the Nan for Rs. 4.

Nobody knows what would be the weight of the Chapati. You can guess, what would they do with it. Authorities shouldn’t have shown any lenience towards such spineless creatures, and should have dealt with iron hands. We, the civil society should also work with the authorities to discourage such creeps by refusing to use their products. But that’s very preposterous, I know.

So blow me up now. (If you are shocked at the last sentence, then refresh your memory by reading the first paragraph)

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