Role of colors in our lives…

Colors play an important role in our lives. Let’s see what colors represent…

Gray: Gray is the color of impartiality. It speaks an aspect of laxity or camouflage. It is a tint that remains indifferent and detached.

Blue: This is the color of composure, relaxation, unanimity, and characteristically the tint of sky and ocean. Looking at blue lightens up the central nervous system and lowers the blood pressure, pulse and respiration rate, which also allows curing of the body.

Green: Green is connected with nature and development. It is often linked with the wish for enhanced health, a constructive life, and communal reorganization. It articulates the will in maneuver, determination, fidelity and perseverance. It is coupled with many forms and levels of control.

Red: Physiologically, red makes blood pressure; pulse and respirations rates go up. It is an energy-expending color. It is associated with liveliness, bustle, aspiration, enthusiasm and passion. Symbolically, red is blood, take-over, manliness, and the flame of the human spirit. It is the urge towards active liability, game, struggle, antagonism, eroticism and innovative output.

Yellow: Yellow is first and foremost the color of pleasure, exuberance, lack of self-consciousness. While reassuring and tranquil, the color advocates an aspiration for alteration that things are never pretty at rest. People who support yellow may be very prolific, but that productivity often occurs in hysterics and starts.

Black: Black symbolizes the complete state line past which life comes to an end, and so conveys the thought of emptiness, of extermination. With its well-built associations of repudiation, capitulation and relinquishment, it is often seen as a pessimistic color. But it can highlight and put into effect the distinctiveness of the color it surrounds.

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