Fortune is where risk is. More the risk involve in any thing, the more reward is on offer. Playing it safe only presents with under-achievement and doesn’t make you stand apart from the crowd. Neither any sort of risk-avoidance facilitates any dynamism in your life.

Risk is a conflicting and contradictory sort of thing: on the one hand, it’s never possible to eliminate it completely but on the other, it doesn’t obey the usual rules of mathematics. By which I simply mean that if there are six things you could do to minimize your risk and you forget to do one of them, you are not 5/6ths risk-free: you are as at much risk as if you had forgotten to do all six.

There isn’t a continuous spectrum of risky-to-not-risky along which you can step your way at your leisure, pausing perhaps at an agreeable mix of risky and non-risky as a nice compromise.

Putting my Database administrator hat on, I am surrounded by myriad number of gigantic and job-snatching risks. The biggest of them is data loss. One of the problems I face everyday is in fact correctly identifying and measuring a risk level – absolute, relative, percentage – and what constitutes acceptability. That is: who signs the dotted line at the end of the day, accepting that level.

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