Rising Popularity of Nawaz Sharif

Just a week has passed since Nawaz Sharif put his feet on the Pakistani soil, unexpectedly, and he has already started giving creeps to many. Especially the lotas and turncoats of PML-Qusiling are most terrified species right now.

Nawaz Sharif’s arrival has created many violent ripples in the Pakistani politics, and perhaps comatosed Pakistani society needed such a shock therapy, and the shocks have just started. Nawaz Sharif led a fervent procession through the busy roads of Lahore, and just after couple of days he presided over a bubbling meeting of central executive committee of his party PML-N. Then next day, he called a meeting of APDM and gave deadline of 16th December to government to lift emergency, reinstate judges, and restore the 1973 constitution. He also announced in that meeting that if government didnt sanctioned those demands made by the APDM, then all the parties in APDM would boycott the election 2008.

Nawaz Sharif is also trying to convince other parties like Benazir’s PPP and Fazlur Rehman’s JUI-F to boycott the elections. He is valiantly trying to bring all the opposition to one platform, and that is the biggest challenge for the governemnt, who has so far succeeded in fissuring the opposition for eight or so years. For many, its a futile excercise by Nawaz Sharif to convince Benazir and Fazlur Rehman, as they both have been in deal with the present regime. Benazir can and is doing everything to get Kursi, whereas Fazlur Rehman is just salivating for some sort of permit or any petty designation in the next setup. If they join the opposition, then it would be very risky to trust them, and not-so-distant history proves it beyond doubt.

Though PML-Q’s panicked leadership is trying to throw suspicions over the return of Nawaz Sharif to Pakistan, and they have already managed to disqualify him from the elections, nobody is really listening to them. Nation is fedup of them and their cronies and want to get rid of them once and for all, and Chaudharies know it.That is why they are making every effort to secure the rigging of elections which are not just around the corner.

Inflexible attitude of Nawaz Sharif towards the national issues regarding emergency, suspended judges, banned media, and democracy is taking him to the new heights and as his demands are totally in sync with the aspirations of majority of Pakistanis, so he is touching the chords right where they ring. His popularity graph is touching the sky and he has got that top slot on national political horizon due to his hard-liner approach. The question which Pakistanis should be asking from each other is that would Nawaz Sharif get support from other opposition parties in this regard?

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  1. These are technically flawed surveys with special design to promote the image/popularity of certain parties and to understate that of others. Frankly speaking (I m not a PPP worker) but I know the vote bank they have in Sindh, KPK, Balochistan and even in Punjab. PPP has won majority of by-polls even in Punjab. I wonder who undertake these surveys for these so called survey institutes? How do they take sampling? How do they ensure credibility and reliability? They are seriously misleading, and could even lead to chaos and bloodshed if actual results do not produce the picture they paint.. It is also the responsibility of the media to check the credibility of such surveys before making such reports on air.

  2. Due to consistent and positive attitude towards national issues, Nawaz Sharif is gaining much popularity. He is a patriotic person. His vision is very good about Pakistan. I think he should be given the chance to lead the country again. He feels the pain of poor people. At the same time, he understands economic matters. His a true Pakistani and his patriotism is out of doubts. Allah bless him.

  3. There is no doubt that Nawaz Sharif is the most popular politician in Pakistan. He is a patriotic person having good decision making skills. He should be Prime Minister of Pakistan.


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