Riots, Terrorism and Elections

Whenever the riots occur, who exactly benefit from this? One thing is for sure that these are those people who want to ruin the society, and who want to destabilize the country, and they are the ones who have the tunnel vision, and who only care to their vested interests.

Whenever the riots occur, economy gets plummeted, and the main brunt is suffered by the common people, and terrorism is the worst form of riots, and it has come to Pakistan after the 9/11 incident in United States, and it is increasing day by day. This cannot be controlled by forces. The terrorists acts and the riots on numerous occasions can only be stopped by the cooperation by the public and government.

The state of anarchy, burning, rioting and other terrorists acts are the production of general unrest in the society. Sectarian terrorists acts were here, but they were limited and were controlled when government made earnest and honest efforts, and now same kinds of efforts are need in that regard to eliminate the riots.

Now public is very apprehensive as the elections are drawing near, and people will remain at home rather than going to polling booths to cast their votes, because of the fear of rioting and terrorism. That would adversely affect the cause of democracy and it will only benefit anti-social and anti-Pakistan elements.

3 thoughts on “Riots, Terrorism and Elections”

  1. It wasn’t after 9/11 that terrorism started. In Karachi, bomb blasts have been taking place regularly since 1985, and many industries shifted from Karachi to Punjab because of this terrorism. Those terrorists are now allies of Musharraf and PML(Q).


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