Right of Religious Belief and Its Practice

When we expect the foreign world to give us right to freely practice our religious belief why cannot we do the same. When you live in the West all religions even the different sects of Christianity get the right to practice their faith without the dangers of their life. Why is it that in Pakistan a person does not get the right of belief and practice. Then we stand up and blame India when India is much better when it comes to belief and its practice that many Hindus share may not convert but respect and believe in the Muslim religion. Till Pakistan corrects its freedom of religion belief freedom would it be possible to convince India which are not even Muslims to believe in you. Or even Israel when Muslims do not give free practice of religion like Kaaba all folks have right whichever way you pray; pray the only restriction is that you must pray. When a belief is dangerous how do we think we may convince the foreign world like Israel / India to believe in you and your freedom of belief. When to practice a belief we need protection of our life which is of course part of your own belief like the Christian Sect, (Baptist/Roman Catholic etc.) why should the foreign world give us right in Israel / India to practice your belief.

What do you think should you being a Muslim should give right of a belief then expect that freedom from the foreign worlds when the foreign worlds already give that freedom to all peaceful beliefs are not restricted anywhere. Probably that is the reason we keep craving for democracy; and the rest of the world has democracy peaceful freedom of religion beliefs. The rest is a persons own grave that is what the religion is religion is your own grave. When a belief asks for life security than we are living in the times when the prophets lives use to be in danger for the belief they preached. When the rest of world why they have democracy without the dangers of life is that every person has the right of their own belief; whether you are a Buddhist, Muslim (all sects), Christian (all sects). Or are we like Hindus that a low cast person is not allowed to step into the prayer place.

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