Right Approach After Carnage

Aggression can only be faced, combated, and eliminated for ever by retaliating by the same fire and might. The earlier response by our vapid government to the Indian onslaught and diplomatic offense was weak, confused and very coward, but the recent resolution in the national assembly is a very right step in the direction which is right, though its bit late.

Confusion must be ended from different quarters of the country and they all should read and sing from the same leaf. The people of Pakistan stand united behind their government and army against any aggression, and now government must act manly and must not bow in front of the mounting external pressure mainly from the United Kingdom.

The nation is united and ready to face any ‘misadventure’ from anyone from anywhere. But is it necessary? Even a limited nuclear exchange will kill millions of civilians in both countries. No one should be allowed to kill millions without any reason, even with reason for that matter.

But they have to rise and act above the resolutions.

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