Rigging in Elections 2008

While Election Commission of Pakistan and the administration claims to have conducted free and fair elections, ground realities are bit different. Elections 2008 were mostly fair and people of Pakistan have vented their anger and frustration on the ballot paper. Rigging incidents were reported across the country, however, these incidents were not big enough to change overall national scenario or visibly tilt balance of power to one party. Majority of rigging was done at specific polling booths by parties that wanted to show large lead over opponents, which is a trademark of theirs.

Several incidents were recorded by Pakistani bloggers that indicate rigging and related offenses. KMB had an eyewitness account with pictures, The Emergency Times stated a case of blatant stamping, KO shared his and others’ voting experiences, while Teeth Maestero had a list of incidents going around Karachi.

3 thoughts on “Rigging in Elections 2008”

  1. Just a question, and please do not take it the wrong way. Do you know of anyone who is actually contesting in elections? I happen to know quite a few and they are across all party lines. They are all involved in rigging. Irrespective of who they are and who so ever they represent. Its a situation of if they dont do it their opponent will. If you live in Karachi, you know who controls the polling stations. Polling agents are a great number of time school teachers (in my experience; please dont hold me to it) in the Local govt elections I know of a few who were called by certain people incharge and told what to do and how to act. Badmashi at all levels is the name of the game, the Sardar is doing it, Nawabs are doing it, Chaudry is doing it and so is a no name part worker of migrant background who opposes all of this! There you have it. (in my humble opinion)

  2. The average voter turnout was 45.6%, but in one constituency in Karachi, the turnout was 74%. It is difficult to believe that rigging did not take place in places where the voter turnout was very high.


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