Rice Comes To Senses

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is the female and slightly darker version of George W. Bush and both dark hearts and souls and their hands are red with the blood of thousands of people across the globe.

Condi Rice and W. Bush have relied heavily on their dictator Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan to render crutches to their gullible claims of hunting and eliminating the so-called Al-Qaeda militants, but still after all these years, we don’t have a clue where in the hell Al-Qaeda is and where in the hell the American Agent Osama Bin Laden is.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is coming back to her senses after all. After the gigantic failure of Richard Boucher and John Negroponte in Pakistan, she is now saying that she is willing to see whether Pakistan’s new government would succeed in talking with the militants or not.

The thing is that it’s none of business of Rice to say that. We will do whatever we want to convince our angry brethren in the FATA region, and only through dialogue we could convince these militants that sprouting violence is not the solution. US also needs to understand that it has to first stop it’s blazing guns.

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