Review of Spider June 2007

If an Internet magazine has a skull perched on crossed bones on its title, and the names of Reba Shahid, Hafsa Adil and Madeeha Syed are written in the editorial team, then it shouldnt come as a surprise that weak-hearted people like me might have received some minor heart/heat stroke.

After recovering from the disgusting title and the useless topic of this month’s issue, I just browsed through the magazine, to find some recipes, totkas, beauty tips and the method to remove the stains of tea. But, instead I found a dentist comparing two operating systems.

In News Bytes, the only thing delicious was the the news about Cavium Networks, and yes the news that ‘beauty tips’ was the top search for Pakistan in April 2007. May be this explains the promotions in Spider, who knows?

The section ‘Tips and Tricks’ seems to be just floating around, serving no useful purpose. Either they should just evict it for good or put some intelligence in it. Internet Bookstore has got some nice collection this time. Rest of the Netropolis is nothing but waste.

@ Beat, provided a good overview of OSHCA 2007, and, ah yes SOFTEC 2007 was a real relishing event. Sahar Majid provided the fly for the ointment in her safekeeping crap.

Cover Story:
When I say that discussing the software piracy in Pakistan is useless, it means that currently when the IT in Pakistan is below par, and we don’t have a single world class company, recognized at the international level, when the quality of IT education is below every standard, when the quality-oriented, skilled manpower in this field is very rare, its of no use to discuss the piracy issues.

Who are we kidding? People purchase a thing, when they could achieve any benefit from it. In Pakistan, what people are getting from the software? Most of them, if not all, are just passing time with it. They are not contributing anything worthwhile. In this boom of outsourcing to developing countries, Pakistan is way behind. Why Pakistanis would bother to purchase the software, when they don’t have any meaningful use of it?

So, First we need to mend our IT ways. we need to become quality oriented, world class asset. And let me be very very clear. Spider, if you want to survive and really want to serve any purpose for IT in Pakistan, then listen. Your whole magazine could be easily replaced by just one single search text box displayed on the home page of Google. You don’t add value anymore. You are not dynamic and revolutionary, or may be my expectations are very high from my beloved magazine.

Don’t tell us to use Linux and not Windows. Don’t point us towards entertainment and other sites, we have many sites for that. Don’t tell us about piracy yet, its of no use. Tell us how could we become a star in IT. Tell us how could we earn from IT. We have done enough chatting, emailing and social networking and dating. Tell us how could we attract business from the developed world. Tell us, how could we polish our skills. Enable us. Empower us. Make us self-sufficient. Please. I don’t have anything to say about the cover story, its of no use.

Then editorial assistant Hafsa Adil, showed her network security knowledge, which was heavily smelling of mere theory, but it was an average take. Perhaps she had a meeting with Mr. Diamond, and they both decided to have a contest in writing a security article. Volume-wise, Mr. Diamond won. Quality-wise, Hafsa won, and usefullness-wise, everything lost.

Then came a gem. Zainub Razvi, I would make you my editorial assistant. Go fight with the current ones. ‘Blogging 101’ by her is a nice and light intro to the exciting world of blogging. She almost covered everything inevitable to know about blogging in her piece.

Yousif Ali, also rocked with his very informative article in the still dark field of Game programming in Pakistan. Very good effort. Hafsa Adil in ‘Making IT work’ is spot-on. She has touched the chord, but is her own magazine doing any thing worthwhile in this regard? This should be the mantra of Spider. I am not asking it from Netmag, ComputerWorld or any other mag or publication, because I know only Spider is capable to change and revolutionarize the things.

Hamza Mudassir, wow, wow, wow. But then Madeeha Syed shuts me up by her version of ‘entertainment’. Gadgets by Hafsa Adil are dreamy and seem to be from far away land, and yes they are not for you and me, but for the burger kids. Freebies are ok, this time, but science watch has an interesting green apple.

Lets mourn now. They just killed, one of their best sections; Graffiti. very bad. very painful.

But then, there is a silver lining. Chris Cork forwards a very fresh perspective and food for thought for the games creators. A new silver industry for the game industry. These silvermen wouldn’t remain confined to just games, but everything IT and beyond. And will 30 years from now, when I would also be silver and wrinkled, Spider would at last spearheading the IT revolution in the homeland?

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