Rukan ud Din and Nehal Singh were two of the students of Maulvi Mir Hassan (teacher of Allama Muhammad Iqbal). Rukan ud Din was son of a non Muslim washer woman who used to do laundry for Maulvi Mir Hassan and he in courtesy started teaching her son. Rukan ud Din later converted to Islam on his own free accord, joined judiciary through a competitive examination and retired as the Session Judge.

Nihal Singh, on the other hand was from well-off family. He was class mate of Rukan ud Din and he too succeeded in competitive exam. He rose to the rank of the Deputy Commissioner from where he was taken as the minister in Patiala.

Rukan ud Din never turned his back toward his mentor. Whenever he came to see Maulvi Hassan, he always walked backwards on return. Nehal Singh never rode a car in presence of his guru. He used to disembark from the car seeing his mentor. Maulvi would never sit in his car hence Nehal Singh used to follow Maulvi Mir Hassan till he was in sight or all the way to destination.

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