Restoration of Pride in Cricket

Pakistan Women Cricket Team in Asian Games 2010

For the events of the 1992 World Cup, and the 2009 T-20 World Cup, many Pakistanis show enthusiasm towards the Pakistan Cricket team. The women’s cricket has now added to the pride and glory we hold as one of the best cricketing nations in the world. The recent string of excellent performances which led the Pakistan women’s cricket team to a gold medal at the Asian Games 2010 comes as welcome news to the world of Pakistani cricket. Recent scandals of endless match fixing, reports of death threats and many more accusations towards the men’s cricket team had made all Pakistani hearts feel dismal. The nation has almost given up on cricket. However, the transformation from bad to good times has occurred, which can be seen not just through the zeal and fervor of the women’s cricket team, but also in the improvement of the Pakistani side. The long wait has finally ended, and the sport which we love so much can now bring us good news.

The women’s cricket team who often faces criticism on religious and social grounds deserves utmost praise for their determination, courage and moral strength which enabled them to gain the prestigious gold medal at the Asian Games. God willing, in the future weeks, Pakistan cricket will be staged for a comeback, and we will become champions again. It is such patriotism that is needed for the change we need in Pakistan. Well done Sana Mir and the rest of the team. The country needs heroes like you.

Pakistan, Zindabad.

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