Restaurants in the West displaying fake Halal signs

Halal meat in the west is a lot more expensive than regular meat from western farms. If restaurants buy halal meat, they will have to sell it at a higher price than their competitors. This will not only mean less customers but it could also result in a smaller profit margin. Due to this, a lot of restaurants, especially Arab and Indian, display halal signs when the meat is not actually halal. Even though there may be a sign displaying halal, a lot of religious Muslims feel that it is their duty to inquire and are told, “everything is halal.” What else will the employee say? Everything is haram?

There are Indian restaurants owned by Muslims that sell alcohol and meat. The owner will say something like, “alcohol is only for westerners but the meat is halal”. I have personally been in the fridge of one of these restaurants and saw that the meat was brought from 3-4 different western farms. Isn’t it common sense that someone who is not refraining from selling alcohol will not sell halal meat?

Even men with long beards and women in burkas eat at these restaurants after they are satisfied on being told that everything is halal. We also have men with long beards and women in head scarfs who eat at western restaurants. I don’t think we even need to discuss western restaurants.

Then their are Arab restaurants selling shawarmas. Once again, big halal signs. I went into one of these and found out that the owner was actually a Lebanese Christian. Why would a Christian sell halal meat? Even many shawarma restaurants owned by Arab Muslims don’t sell halal meat, even though their may be a big sign saying otherwise.

Lets put halal and haram on the side for a second. Do you know what goes on in the kitchens of these restaurants? People are served olives, chutney, deserts etc and if a customer eats half of it and leaves, the remaining goes back in the big bucket where it is served as fresh to the next customer. Apart from the fact that it is completely gross, people can actually get AIDS and STDs in this manner.

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  1. Assalam w Alaikum w Rahmatullahe w Barkatahu
    Mind blowing article on the Restaurent displaying Halal signs, but acutally selling Haram foods. These are the facts but what is the solution for this. As this is very important that every muslim should go for Halal food only. In UK on meat sold and meat product in muslim shops are marked with Halal stamp given by Halal Committee. This committee checks weather this product is Halal or not. Is this true………………Allah Hafiz

  2. Most Arabs follow the leadership of Imam Shafi who said that it is permissible but not recommended to eat meat that is not halal, as long as it is not pork or any other substance that is always haram. Imam hanafi however was known to say that it is haram to eat any meat that is not zabiha halal. Hanafi form of Sunni Islam is most common in south asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. So really no one is right or wrong

  3. @Yusha dear see my comments on your other post about halal and haram issue>you are trying to touch a lot of issues starting from serving and principles , cleaning and management.As per Sialmic ruling if they TAG it as Halal the customer is no more liable for that thing.a in europe even big superstore owned by non muslims sell Halal for customer bank sam eis cas efor a lebanese guy that this is food from his area and lebanese people come to eat there , the majority is muslim so they serve Halal. Just like we have same food as christians and Hindus in Pakistan.SO if some one want to have a successfull Pakistani restaurant for Pakistani people , what ever his religion is he would serve halal to target the majority.these are very simple things.Itz need of time to live together.In London , PAris, Amsterda, The Hague, Franfurt OSL you would find neighbourhoods where you have no option except to buy/sell hala food what ever ur religion is , just because majority is Muslims in those neighborhoods.
    and what a pitty that you are blogging on such a bligh blog while quoting that people can get STDs and AIDs , I can bet you don’t even know about these disease.Please try to write some thing authentic instead of confusing people.There is no way or proof ever came showing spread of such diseases from restaurants.They only spread by blood to blood contact.I can’t stop laughing that you write quite frequent and try to adress core issue but you never try to good knowledge about topic before writing.

    Again i would argue continuing from my other post that we cannot callit Haram as per any Islamic ruling.

    and could you please justify the use of words people with burqa and beard , For God sake come out of such stereotypes , this is has nothing to do with contemporary religious debates.
    and now Didi you ever read about term “Dar ul Herb” .as per hadith dealing with alochol an dother such goods is permisible until you don’t start consuming.Islam has very clear ruling about it that It’s allowed to deal in alcohol in Darulherb.BTW Darulherb is a place which doesn’t border any muslim country as simple definition.
    You really strat with a goo dtopic but then you end up in touching lot of irrelevant things or bring some issues in but forget linking.Please do some homework before next post.I have seen you just commenting a lot on Religious issues ,For you it may be fun or may be you try to gain knowledge but many people would go astray always come with clear and sound arguments which are agreed upon among muslims and while writing on such platforms we intend to spread knowledge not to confuse people who dun spend a lot of time on research and just come here to get a quick extracted knowledge.
    I hope you would take it positively .It’s not a negative criticism or discouraging so no offense ,I wrote after reading a lot from you and found most of the debates lacking sound arguments and baseless things just to create a post or debate

  4. I have been working in Restaurant business for a very long time. The problem with haram food displayed as halal could be only resolved by muslim society. We need to establish rules for the restaurant industry. Besides that we need to have a trademark for halal food. Every organization that wants to cook halal food needs to obtain a permission or needs to be supervised by the expert in halal food.

  5. Very honest article again. I am living in toronto & see all those issues addrresd in this article here.
    You are absolutelty right as its not easy to get Halal meat here then obviuosly its more rare to find a actual halal resturant.

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