Resolution of quitting smoking

We all clearly know that smoking is unsafe to our health. It’s related with a practically wide range of live-threatening conditions and not to mention the charge it takes on your physical appearance by staining your teeth a filthy, brownish yellow, making your skin look and feel like leather, and generally aging you too early in almost every way.

In previous years, smoking didn’t have the negative social disgrace it does today. In fact, it was popularized on film and screen by entertainment heroes of the day.

No matter what you decide to try, you cannot succeed until and unless if you haven’t firmly made up your mind to quit smoking.

First of all, you should make an appointment with your doctor. He or she will be able to discard some glow on what is safe and effective, as well as what you should expect from the process.

Chantix is one of the newest stop smoking sensations available. It doesn’t contain any nicotine like some other methods do. It works by tricking the parts of the brain that are affected by the chemical, making you feel like your nicotine craving has been satisfied. It also blocks some of the brain’s receptors that produce the pleasurable aspects produced by smoking.

Wilburton is another drug shown to help people stop. It works by easing some of the removal symptoms people experience and nicotine is flushed from their systems. Not being able to deal with uncomfortable withdrawals is one of the top reasons smokers give up.

If you would rather stay away from chemical options, some people have reported success with hypnosis. A lot of people shy away at the idea, but the practice of hypnosis has a long history when it comes to behavior adjustment. Basically, the patient is put into a trance while hypnotist feeds suggestions into their brains.

Theoretically, the person will be more defenseless to the suggestions when that kind of mental state is persuaded. While studies show hypnosis works better than a universal medication, it doesn’t constantly work well when used as the only form of treatment. However, when combined with other methods, it seems to cover the way for better results.

2 thoughts on “Resolution of quitting smoking”

  1. Sorry to post this anonymously, but:

    1- Have you ever smoked?
    2- Have you ever smoked for more than an year?
    3- Have you smoked for more than a decade and then decided to quit?
    4- Have you succeeded in quitting?

    Unless you can answer YES to all of these questions, I don’t think you have the knowledge necessary to write this article – despite (no doubt) your good intentions, its almost like those palmists and ‘najoomis’ sitting on the Lahore foot paths. 🙂 Pick another topic next time please, something that you actually know about?

  2. I know one very effective way of making people stop smoking. A smoker should buy one of those boxes with slots on the cover which children use to save coins. Whenever the smoker lights up, he should insert a thousand rupee note into the box. At the end of the month, I’ll come over and take the box away from him, and I swear I’ll give away all the money in the box to charity.


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