Resolution Against Israel Attack in NA

Though Pakistani assembly has passed the resolution, like other assertions of this assembly, not much is going to happen. The resolution, which was tabled by Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Babar Awan, calls for an immediate stop of the ongoing Israeli attacks in Gaza strip. The resolution also stressed Israel to open all routes so that relief goods and medicines could be provided to the innocent Palestinians.

While Israel carries on its killing spree and the Muslims around the globe watch in silence and some in protesting rallies, Israel and it’s daddy United States are laughing their heads out while assassinating Muslim kids and women and trying to destroy the spirits of Muslims in their crusade in Palestine.

Israeli actions have drawn denunciations from the Red Cross, UN agencies and Arab and European governments. New York-based Human Rights Watch has called on Israel to stop using white-phosphorus munitions in densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip, saying the chemical could severely burn people and set structures and fields on fire.

Likewise, Muslim countries are full with the people chanting against Israel. But the thing is that there is no use of slogans and rhetoric. Israel only understands the language of force.

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