I am also a part-time visiting faculty member at a specific college in Wah Cantt. I make research a mandatory part of my courses. As, sadly enough, research is virtually absent from the university curricula and an alien thing to most of the students, it’s sometimes hard to introduce it in the courses.

But, I have found out that students really appreciate it. The glint of their eyes, the sheen of their passion, in the pursual of research shows that they know its worth. The hard part is only to give them a pull on the road to research, rest is a fascinating journey, which lasts throughout their lives.

This year, I have again assigned research topics to my students. The research topics cover almost all the major fields of computer science. For example, some of research topics are BPEL, SOA, FUSION MIDDLEWARE, 3GSM, BI, ROBOTICS, etc.

As an IT Professional, I know that in the field, you have to be research-oriented. Especially in IT, the expert of today is the novice of tomorrow. I completed my masters in computer science in 2001. The things upon which I am working in the field, and the courses I have been teaching were not even present in 2001. Research is the key to the continuous survival in our field.

Research is search for knowledge. It is the systematic investigation of established facts.

According to the Wiki,:

Research is an active, diligent and systematic process of inquiry in order to discover, interpret or revise facts, events, behaviours, or theories, or to make practical applications with the help of such facts, laws or theories. The term “research” is also used to describe the collection of information about a particular subject.

Long Live Research !!!!

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  1. dear friends.
    i am doing M.Phil in media studies, and searching a research topic for my thesis. so if any one of you, have some topics in ur minds then plz do help and send me the list of all topics. this would help me in findings/searching in research topic.
    i m looking for ur responses…. thanks

  2. Fahd,

    It is very encouraging to read your post. I certainly agree with all you say. I can also empathize with your feelings as I have been a teacher too. I did my masters in 1990 and started teaching in a college in Karachi. Currently I am in the US trying to do some research in my field. The purpose of this post is to enquire more about your research and offer any possible assistance. Of course at this time I can only share my knowledge and ideas about research, I already share your passion for providing more exposure to Pakistani students. Please contact me, in our field we always need collaboration.

    Best regards


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