Research Part-2

This post is sparked due to a very precious comment by Mr. Zaheer (as they are very rare :), yet another example of lack of community collaboration in our part of world ).

I did my master in computer science in 2001, and I have been teaching as a visiting faculty since then. The prime reason behind teaching was to do my little bit of mavericks in the face of modalities of computer science teaching.

Simply speaking computer education is nothing more than crap. A student ,when exits from a university after doing BS of 4 years or MCS of 2 years or MS of two years, he remains as illetrate as before with the added touch of false smugness and hopes.

There is a campus of COMSATS University in Wah Cantt and a study center of AIOU. I have been in touch with many students of both institutes and believe me, thier level of understanding of basic computer skills is very rudimentary and there is virtually no professional skills whatsoever.

I have been teaching in the study center of AIOU and have been conducting research in diciplines like Linux, PHP, Oracle, SOA and AJAX. Truly speaking most of the students themselves dont want to learn and explore. Very very few of them have flair, spark, thrift and desire to learn and explore. Most of them just want to get thier degree and do some sort of job in any field anywhere.

But I am not disappointed, the dawn of learning and research is about to appear on the horizon. Any suggestion of making research an integral part of CS education and how to invoke spark in students?

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