Requirements of Coalition Partners

Boldness, hope and courage are the characteristics needed by the coalition partners in the Pakistan Democratic Alliance. They once again met in the beautiful city of Islamabad, swiveled the ideas once more in the jar and then parted on a single note.

We have seen them doing so in the past and haplessly we are expecting more inactivity from them in the near future. Especially the matter of the judges is getting delayed and creating suspicions and apprehensions in the tired minds of these people of the land of the pure.

The coalition partners are still widely and wildly appreciated and cherished by the people of Pakistan. Despite of the shortage of electricity, food, and other social basics people are still supporting the newly formed regime and they want to see this regime stable and certain.

But if this regime, especially the accidental leadership of PPP keeps on showing hanky panky, then things will soon turn ugly.

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