Reminiscence, May 1st, 2005

If only I could rip off the hearts of those who were close to Rizwan, and hurl it into the current, even then, the pain and longing would not be over and none, ever could forget…
May, 1st is embarked with the bitter memory of late Rizwan Butt.

Rizwan Butt, both beautiful on the outside and, more importantly, on the inside. A mind with insight far beyond his years.

Rizwan Butt had a great appreciation for life. He always assumed the role of mentor and protector of his friends. Always considerate of others needs, he would allow his friends privilege and provide them care and counseling. Buttie was willing to sacrifice for the benefit of others to a degree that few adults have achieved, and far beyond the scope of the youth of this era.

Touted as “the hilarious person” by his mates, Rizwan’s greatest attribute was his kind heart and lively soul. Though he was bright, athletic, handsome, funny, and popular.
We will always remember his smile, loud laughter, hugs, love of life, positive attitude and his way of making everyone around him feel special.   Butt u will surely live on in our hearts and minds forever.  

Life at IBA for Rizwan’s folks was unimaginable with out him .A perfectly chiseled face or the fun loving personality he exuded hilariously funny, standing outside Hamida Usman’s English class singing “Gale main aj chand nikla” or calling some poor Pepsi drinking guy   “PAAFSI”.

“YO BABEH” was how he always responded on hearing his name.

No one can remember him without cracking up. Butt is phenomenal.

Life is not always fair. How shall one forget the smiles, the laughters, the pathways, the years the dreams that will never come true…?

Butt was phenomenal. He is missed  all the time by his loved ones who can’t just wait until the day they can all once again crack jokes, sing and be happy, together…forever…

There are few incidents in life you wish you would never have known Rizwan Butts death was such an incident. I wish I could ask God to please undo that has happened.
He loved, He committed and then he parted forever. Life deceived him.

He was taken away from us on May 1st 2005 in a car accident, on his way back to Faisalabad from Lahore. He slept on his way while driving. The car hit the island and he died on spot.

He had got engaged to the love of his life, only a month back. Cruel death!

We love you, Rizwan.   You will live on in our hearts and memories forever. We vow to never forget you…

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