Relinquish Them When You Go

Its a daring deal to startup your own business. Its the only way you could become your own master and save yourself from the drudgery of the corporate life, and more importantly from the slime ball boss. Its a journey which will surely be very hard, thorny and full of obstacles, but the rewards are huge and the most important thing is that you would be burning your blood and sweat just for yourself.

During this path, you would encounter many species. Some would try to stop you, some would try to frighten you, some would just look at you in terror, some would just laugh at you, some would commend you but also would secretly wish that you would continue it and rot in misery, some would just wait and see. It would be astounding if anybody will encourage you on this path. Many would lie, cheat, steal, and take advantage of you in the course of your business.

An undivided or unbroken completeness or totality with nothing wanting sprinkled with lots of integrity is what will save your from such hagglers. You know that you have burnt your ships and you have nowhere to run except to just working super hard for your business. You are there for your survival. But there are lots of people who are there just to milk you or just to extract a short term little gain from you.

The parasites will gather around you, when you set out to have your own venture, or when it would become obvious that you are about to gain the rewards. The suckers would attack you with their butter tongue. They would milk you, they would cajole you, they would go back on their words, they would try to take you in the fool’s paradise, they will pump you and they will try to suck last drop of blood from you. Don’t in any case, make or flourish relationships with such people, just don’t show any compassion. They are a waste of energy, time, and money.

Such cheap-jacks would show up in front of you in many disguises. Sometimes they would act as sales and marketing guru, sometimes as an HR wizard, sometimes as IT magician, sometimes as shoddy business partners, or they could pose as the most reliable and cheapest vendors, and more than often not as slippery customers.

If you feel that someone is trying to take undue advantage of you and your business, just sniff him or her out. If someone keeps trespassing upon your trust time and again and is pain in the butt, just get rid of the nuisance in no time.

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  1. it takes a lot of courage to pull a business together, so lets just hope that who ever thinks of doing that just surround your self with people who you trust and mainly have a lot of patiences while doing that.


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