Religion, Rituals and Contradicted Behaviors

The rise of new Islam represented by Taliban and Al-Qaeda, has unfortunately divided the people in Afghanistan and now in Waziristan that have been seizing power in those areas from time to time. The methods and techniques these groups have recognized for enforcement of shariah and wiping out sins from the society are based on only shariah punishments. The ideology supporting this form of Islamic laws has its roots in the concept of jihad tracking back from the time of Taliban emergence in this part of the globe. Unfortunately, these groups lack to understand the sharp differences between morality and religion. Making it that morality and religion do not always go together.

Last week a man named Shahid Azim was captured who had raped and murdered a girl named Sadia Hussain and after dumping her body proceeded for hajj. The incident establishes a fact that in our society religion has been used as a mean to influence the others rather than implementing it in its true spirits. Growing incidents like sectarianism, extremism, intolerance are forming a negative impact of religion on the societies. Religion needs to be promoted on vast panels as a source of serving humanity and differentiating between rituals and religion beyond enforcing it with terror and violence.

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