Religion and tradition

In Pakistani when women rights are violated it’s because people from rural areas still are stuck in those customs and tradition that designate women merely a creature created to serve men’s’ interest. The local leaders and heads of families use the notion of religion to support their view point. But if the religion Islam is understood in its true meaning, even on fundamental basis, the status provided to women can establish that her dignity and significance is very much higher and important then men in the construction of a society.

Unfortunately recently in Balochistan the murder of five women on the charge of by choice marriage is another example of the cowardness of society that fears women strength. They are the ones who confuse customs with religion. Islam has given women the right of choice in the same manner as it has provided men. For selfish and self-centered reasons, men in tribal and rural areas within Pakistan and many other parts of the world have been found violating the essence of humanity.

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