Relations with India by New Government

India has never let any moment pass by without harming Pakistan. It dissected Pakistan, and helped creating Bangladesh, Occupied the Kashmir, attacked Pakistan three times, started nuclear race in the region, doing terrorist activities in the Pakistan region, and collaborating with the Afghanistan’s hostile regime to destabilize Pakistan.

But our new foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, another Makhdoom from the Multan area, is very much keen to have a cordial friendship with India and he wants to carry on with the Kasuri’s policies in that regard. If he wants to do that, then Kasuri was better, because he never deceived us about his intentions, whereas the mandate of Shah Mehmood Qureshi was something very different.

One-sided policy of confidence building measures has just given Pakistan some very hot brunts, and whenever we give relief to India, Indian retaliates with the corpses of Cricketing fans like Khalid Mehmood, or it send burning trains to Pakistan.

Pakistanis want change, and that change must be represented in all the facets of the governance. Pakistanis want to live on equal terms, and not on the dictation from the Washington which is pressurizing the new PDA coalition government to have relations with India.

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