Rehman Malik should think before he talks

There’s something rotten in the state of Pakistan. The top cop in the country Rehman Malik (Interior Ministry Advisor) told reporters that the president and prime minister were to have dinner at the Marriott on Saturday (at the time it was bombed), but the venue was changed at the last minute. However, the hotel management says that no booking had been made for an official dinner on that day.

We know that even when lesser officials are supposed to visit a place, security officials thoroughly comb every nook and corner hours before the visit, so if the two top executives of the country were going to be at the hotel at the time of the bombing, there should have been strict security in place many hours before the bomb blast.

It’s frightening to think that the fate of the country is in the hands of incompetent people who say things which turn out to be false. But then, we must not forget that Mr Malik’s boss (the president of the country) also backed out after assuring that the chief justice would be restored.

Let’s hope Mr. Malik will be more careful in future and will think carefully before making statements which can easily be checked and verified.

2 thoughts on “Rehman Malik should think before he talks”

  1. Mr Rehman Malik is an embarrassment to Pakistan. He is a typical product of the mediocre and ignorant “jiyala” PPP culture which broke Pakistan in 1971.

    The rumour goes that he is an MI-6 agent when he is not in PPP-sponsored employment as Home Minister/FIA director/Naseerullah Babar’s peon and the like. I am surprised what the MI-6 is doing using a retard like him.

    His statements directly humiliate and antagonize his own government such as:

    1. “The Prime Minister canceled his dinner in the Marriott at the last minute” ( implying that the Prime Minister had got a tip-off about the bombing—and basically touting the anti-Pakistan propaganda that ISI is behind about everything bad)

    2. “Suicide-bombers come from the NWFP” ( this stupid etnic remark forced the HWFP governor to retort that they come from South Punjab—-once again suicide-bombers are a creature of the war on terror which is being fought against the whole of the Muslim world , so there is no need to divide Pakistan into regions to destroy Pakistan itself

    With friends like Rehman Malik, Pakistan does not need enemies. May be third-rate people like him are hired by Mossad and RAW etc. to promote hatred between provinces and ethnic groups with their policies and statements. The sad thing is that he is not the only one who only opens his mouth to harm Pakistan…

  2. Yes I agree with you. He always thinks after speaking. After the bomb blast at Marriott he has made several conflicting statements which arise suspicion.

    har shakh pay ulloo baitha hai anjam-e-gulistan kia ho ga


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