Red Alerts Every Where

The national psyche is suffering very badly as the useless security measures are beefed up throughout the country and the goons in the garb of police and security agencies start pestering the common people, who are already fed up of the so-called contractors of Islam, blowing up themselves to gain some thing which is not there for them.

The warped war is going on with ferocity and the nation is wondering about the future. While the chief security cop in the country is preparing to receive the award in the America for peace, the fight is going on in the restive tribal region from Bajaur to Mohmand and from Dir to Swat. Kohat burns and the situation is as bad as ever in the Waziristan agency.

It has become a routine that many people got killed and scores of civilians sustained injuries in a joint operation by the police and the FC personnel in the Mohmand Agency. Talibans are also not retreating and they are now threatening to blow up the dams throughout the NWFP, which will wreck havoc on lives of people already in grave misery.

While all that goes on, there is no sense of urgency on the part of rulers and despondency is everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Red Alerts Every Where”

  1. The insensate rulers and ones in echelons of power are acting in such a manner as if they have already acquired the purpose in their life and theres nothing else to worry about. The replies from them are either lies or blabbings just a waste of time. People comment about staying wishful and alive for the democracy but how can one live with such people who are mischevious by nature and whether you like it or not, since they lead the nation, they would break promises, pacts, take policies to “not popular” extremes. I am not sure what feeling I have now… either theere heart has turned into a rough jagged rock or we are very sensitive..!


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