Raymond Davis and The Bandits of America

Raymond Davis Lahore

Last few weeks have proved to be quite dynamic in terms if international political spectrum. From Tunisia till Yemen masses have converged to the streets. The videos flashing around the media screen have reminded many of scenes usually witnessed after nations win glory in some sporting event. But this time it’s not the same. The crowds are onto the street after taking enough from their respective executives, who have captured the seat of power as if it was gifted to them from divine and they had no obligation toward those helpless masses serving under their sticks. Some have been looted by a few for decades (Tunisia), some have been deprived of their national prestige by traitors and puppets like Mubarak (Egypt).

Yet, a nation in former Sub-Continent is still drinking old wine in a new vessel, fooling itself by translating appeasement as morality and waiting for some one from heaven to lift them above the “disgraced league”.

The honorable US Consulate employee (on CIA payroll) has written his name in the book of history by holding mirror to those, who have for long stopped watching their real faces. In fact it won’t be wrong to say that he has stepped onto a body which has lost its soul since long, and is lying on a barren patch of earth to give the impression as if it is fast asleep. We died the day 1st drone struck our tribal belt while our executives made tiring speeches in protest, we died that day when foreign boots carried cross border raids into our land and we satisfied our self by the excuse of “hot pursuit”…….. May be its all wrong.

We died the day we gave up the spirit of living on grass rather than taking aid for disgrace. In short, the spirit has passed away and nature is playing its role of a silent decay. Raymond didn’t kill two bike riders that day, the back up car didn’t crush our citizen mercilessly but in fact they just declassified something we have closed our eyes to see, that we are a “Nation in Chains”. Painful but true, disgrace but reality you can spell it anyway but this is the bottom line. The acts of Raymond and his rescuers are nothing less than that of “Armed Bandits” and the asset robbed is nothing less than the dignity, self respect and sovereignty of 180 million Pakistanis. Don’t confuse your self with the debate of “diplomatic Immunity” floating everywhere.This is nothing more than the toddler rhyme we have heard before sleeping, with the vision of fairy and wonderland in our dreams. Let me plagiarize US version of “Just International Law” it has derived since 9/11.

“Terrorist has no religion, faith, ethnicity, or state. These killers of human rights carry on humanitarian obligation and for their eradication we will surpass every ethnic, morality, territory, because it’s our manifest destiny of ignoring our own sins while remaining heir to the seat of world policeman”

The act of US Consulate staff that tragic day was nothing less than open terrorism, and a terrorist can be granted immunity on what ground???

US Ambassador has used every mean to give diplomatic cover to them, but this time to raise our selves from the “Sleep of the Dead”. The leaders and nations mentioned at the start have gone through this, and in the end masses had the last say and that too on the street.

This case is unique in many ways, and if I am allowed I would like to take this case to a new height by saying that the outcome of this episode can be the road to the future Pakistan. 1st it’s the power holders (PPP and its allies) who have been put on trial. BlackWater, drones attacks have till now gone into their baskets of achievement but a rigid stance on this issue can wash their earlier sins. Secondly  its the PML-N led Punjab govt. Till now Nawaz and his team have proved their patriotism to the nation by reminding us of the days in 1998 when they ignored US pressure on nuclear tests, keeping national values ahead of Trans-Atlantic masters wishes. If they stumble on this issue, it will be clear to all those under their flag that with time they have also mastered the “Doctrine of Necessity”.

The judiciary is also not exempted from this axis. The nation has given its full backing to the superior court judges and anything under pressure/below merit on their behalf will extinguish the distant flame of hope we had from them. Our national army and security agencies cannot disappear this time around in the manner Pakistanis have disappeared under their nose. In order to undo their earlier neglection and appeasement, they have to come up with all the evidence they have regarding the activities of mercenaries like Raymond in Pakistan.

Last but not the least it’s about the 180 million Pakistanis. This may be the last knock from the myth of “Sovereignty” on our doors. It has tried to survive along with national respect and dignity but it seems that its enemies have other ideas. In short this act can be seen as nothing and on the other hand this can be considered as everything. Like I said earlier, Mr. Raymond has shown us the mirror. It’s up to us if we again close our eyes or decide once and for all that our deeds have turned us ugly, and its time to undo the past mistake.

At least think!!!!!!

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  1. Raymond Allen Davis does not have diplomatic immunity from criminal prosecution in Pakistan. Davis killed two men in Lahore on 27 Jan 2011. Eyewitnesses and police probes prove that the two murders were not in self defence. However, undue pressure (blackmails) by the US senator John Kerry (chairman of senate committee for foreign affairs and an ex-president candidate) has ‘convinced’ Pakistan government officials and politicians to provide forged diplomatic immunity documents to the courts in the country.

    American politicians don’t want Davis to face the music for his crimes in Pakistan.
    American politicians want Davis to evade justice because the court trial in Pakistan would open Pandora’s Box and set a precedent for future trials. The trial would expose other American misdeeds in Pakistan and elsewhere. Pakistan courts have the right to rule on the criminal case without any fear or favour, blackmails, threats, economic sanctions and political pressures. Allowing Davis to evade justice and get away with the murders would lead to a revolution or uprising in Pakistan. The courts would become laughing stock if they don’t detect the forgeries or if they cave in.

    Davis must be released only after his trials and conviction and only when American politicians:
    a) close down all covert operations in Pakistan;
    b) stop illegal drone attacks forever; and
    c) write off $60 billion debts, etc.

    In order to avert popular uprising and reduce terrorism, Pakistan must expel all American members of Delta Force (CIA-Pentagon, XE-Blackwater, Dynacorp etc) from the country immediately, prosecute and convict their hired Orange Force mercenaries (local paid bombers and killers); Seal Afghan-Pak border; stop the American-NATO terror supply line between Pakistan and Afghanistan…

    Would that help stop false flags, and bring down or undo the PNAC’s American empire, without a long trillion dollar war, lies and war crimes?

  2. Top-secret CIA documents show that Raymond Allen Davis (born 02 Oct 1974) was providing nuclear fissile material and biological agents to groups of terrorists, killers and bombers hired by the USA government officials to destabilise Pakistan. Davis was employed by the American under cover agencies, but this information is still withheld on the gag orders of American politicians and NWO-PNAC fans. The documents show Davis had links with the terrorists, working on the CIA’s plan to sabotage, destabilise and disarm Pakistan. Davis also worked for American Task Force 373 (TF373), Blackwater XE, DynaCorp and other under cover American agencies still operating in Pakistan. TF373 (Delta Force) is assigned to hire locals (Orange Force) to plant bombs in Pakistan, destabilise and leave the country without adequate defense. This is an uncompromising national security issue in Pakistan.

  3. Raymond davis a US national.
    whats’ went wronge . hopefully Pakistanni authority will find the realfact and follow the guaid line of constitution and international law. i believe Mr.Raymond Davis is well trained he knew the international law and his reponsibilities,
    this is international case and he should get fair trail its real challeng for Pakistani govt and juduciary system.


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