Rashidabad, is a project that has touched the lives of many and is still letting dwell inside it the dreams of many.

Uncle Shabbir, a retired Air Cdr, PAF, a gentleman, started up this project in dreams back in 1971.

The project would house a 3000 children day school, a 400 boys public boarding school, 200 bed hospital, a widow center an orphanage, school for special children, vocational training center, library, auditorium, supporting units and 10 acres of environmental area.

What was a dream yesterday is turning to reality today.

A small building on hire has been acquired by the RMWO and local students from elementary to class are already undergoing schooling. The temporary school (YAQUB KHAWAJA ACADEMY) is the commencement of first phase of our planned school system. Another very important factor is that the program is not just geared towards academic pursuits or attacking illiteracy. but encompasses total grooming and whole-some education aimed at inculcating universal fraternal values.

The basic concept of poverty alleviation at the RMWO revolves around self-help. While poverty is a menace and must be alleviated, our experience has been that free loading only worsens the situation, However, when people are involved in any program aimed at raising their own standards and skills, the affect is permanent. With this as the guiding principle at RMWO.It has provision for interest-free financial assistance to the needy to enable them to launch revenue generating projects. So far around 50 projects (Sheep, Cows. Push Cart, Cabin etc.) have been initiated as interest-free micro credits, of which 5 have already matured.


Contact: info@rashidabad.org

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  1. This appears to be a very worthy undertaking.

    Several of us in Canada have attempted very diligently to get in contact with Rashidabad.

    The email address does not work. We have identified no functioning telephone numbers.

    Could you please identify a functioning number or email address or fax number IN Rashidabad that works?????

    Thank you.

    G. Rempel


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