Rare Chink in FATA

In the wake of recent spate of grim and gory suicide attacks in the different cities of Pakistan and the rising ethnic and sectarian violence in some of the cities the operation against the militants have picked momentum, and security forces are also trying to quash the flaming sectarian violence through force especially in the Kurram agency.

In the most severe bombings on Taliban positions by the PAF jetfighters and military gunship helicopters since the start of military operation in Bajaur Agency, the security forces killed 26 suspected militants in different areas of the troubled tribal region. Four among the dead were foreigners while three others belonged to the Mahsud-inhabited areas of restive South Waziristan Agency.

The good thing is that now the locals of the tribal region have started to help the security forces and gradually they have grown wary of the Taliban and now they want peace and they want to get rid of the Taliban and they want to have the writ of the government in this area.

Government must not waste this opportunity to gain control of the area.

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