Qurbani Online: Performing Sacrifices through Internet

With advancements in technology and increase in buying power, most of the city dwellers are looking for ways to cut the steps between order and delivery. People are relying on phone and internet to place orders and receive goods, eliminating the hassle of physically visiting the marketplace.

Eid ul-Adha is marked with the ritual of sacrifice and millions of muslims across the globe make sacrifices of cows, goats, sheep and camels to remember the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (may Peace be Upon Him) as well as to celebrate the end of Hajj.

While making sacrifice is not an issue in muslim countries, it is really a task for muslims living in the western world. People usually send funds to their relatives and friends in muslim countries to make sacrifice on their behalf or give money to charities for the purpose. But now they have got control on their sacrifices, thanks to the internet.

qurbani onlineAccording to news report, a company in Karachi is providing online purchase of animals for the Eid season.

QurbaniOnline.com is an online Bakra-buying service that provides photo, video, voice and other descriptions including types and prices of the goats and other sacrificial animals on the internet which assists customers to make their choice.

QurbaniOnline.com offers two breeds of goats. The two-toothed Andoo goats are available from $100 to $120 whereas four-toothed goats are being priced from $120 to $300 (Rs60=$1 appx). Where as the two-toothed Khasi Bakra is being sold at between $100 and $250 while four-toothed starts from $100 to $500.

QurabaniOnline.com charges $10 to deliver the sacrificial animal (goat) from Mandi (market) to home. They also provide slaughtering service for $20.

Although they have an outlet at Sohrab Goth they do not own or stock animals. Instead they have made arrangements with various livestock farms. However they have started up a slaughter house as they aim to provide meat dressing services in future.

It is good to see businesses in Pakistan embracing internet. QurbaniOnline.com can do well if they provide quality service and swift feedback.

Meanwhile people who prefer qurbani through charities, can donate here, here and here.

Update: OnlineQurbani.com is a web site in India to collect online contributions for sacrifices. Meat will be distributed to the poor in India.

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  1. QurbaniOnline.com official on Ajj TV says: Qurbani online is an effort broght forward to remove the role of non Ismalicaly stock holders who. Who held their stock in rural areas to rise mandi prises


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