Quitting Time

Ruthless, callous and gluttonous cronies who are gathered around the Presidency are making Mr. Musharraf more isolated and more less popular in the eyes of angry Pakistanis who are stunned at the unacceptance of him of their mandate.

Sacked Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Supreme Court Bar Association president Aitezaz Ahsan and their companions are surely a thing of anger for them, but also equally they are unable to live in peace, as the suicide attacks are rocking the country, especially the cities of Lahore and Rawalpindi.

Basic necessities of daily life are out of reach for Pakistan’s poor and hapless people. Food items shortage (wheat, rice, sugar, cooking oil), power crisis, water crisis, scarce gas supplies, social and political chaos made more aggravated by the shenanigans of PML-Q has really made the country choked.

Lawyers are protesting, political parties are protesting, media is protesting, even the retired general are protesting. They all are protesting against the rule of Musharraf, but the painful thing is that Musharraf still believes that he is President for the next five years, and perhaps beyond.

United States and other donors of war on terrorism must understand that Musharraf is not indispensable and the time has come when he should be asked clearly to quit.

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  1. Musharraf will never be convinced that he’s unpopular. He will go on fighting to the bitter end. There is no solution in sight, except for the people to come out on the streets, as they did in the days of Ayub Khan and Bhutto.


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