Pushed to the Wall.. Misconception or Undervaluation?

Pakistan Afghanistan blood brothersRecently convened trilateral talks on future Afghanistan were overshadowed by a series of cross border raids by “militants” from Afghanistan into Pakistan. The targeted territories of Bajaur and Dir had never seen something of this magnitude, as well as inhuman. As per the disturbing details, militants ranging from 100 to 400 crossed into Pakistan, virtually kept entire town’s hostage and as if inspired by the ruthless Mongols tradition, went on a killing spree. Mosques were burnt down along with Quran, hand cuffed security personnel and native villagers were slaughtered in the most torturous and gruesome manner and the night of “blood and dance” continued until reinforcement drove them out.

As I mentioned series, the attacks have occurred even after this and the matter became so intense that PM Gillani had to call Karzai up. Earlier, the same was done by involving ISAF command but ofcourse to no avail. Afghanistan on the other hand complained to Pakistan regarding cross border shelling in response to the said attacks.

This new “Psyop” started very close to President Obama’s declaration that its time to bring home the boys, after they have successfully conquered the menace in Afghanistan (Ofcourse that’s the dream he and his team has seen after May 2nd Triumph).

This out of no where “arm brigade” from Afghanistan might be a signal to what we have been pushed into by our friends both regional and international. A postmortem of Obama’s speech shows some interesting revelation toward Pakistan. Where he successfully placed Pakistan under the “Red Line”, the warning was anything between the lines for the 200 million Pakistanis. Soon, Hillary Clinton woke up to the revelation that “End Game” in Afghanistan is possible without Pakistan. Admiral Mullen couldn’t restrain himself from making headlines by declaring that US has moved its logistical support away from Pakistan and also that Pak establishment has its hand soaked in the murder of journalist Saleem  Shehzad (US Admiral or Human Right Watch Spokesman).

In a calculated effort, Pakistan has been pushed out of Afghan question, and US has spearheaded this so called visionary plan. Pakistan’s military and its premier intelligence agency has been pushed too far to close its eyes and ears while right in its back yard a lot is cooked up and launched against its interests.

The recent cross border raids, especially the mode of conduct is very interesting if one looks between the lines.  As per the account of the natives, the militants from Afghanistan entered in hundreds while Afghan border guards and ISAF troops kept their eyes closed while US drones never bothered to pick this infiltration through their high tech gadgets. Moving further, as per some details the militants caring for nothing, not only destroyed the mosques and burnt Quran, but the hostages (Security Personnel and Civilians) were brutally inside the mosques as well. With clear signs of inflicting maximum fear and mayhem in the targeted areas, retreated once the reinforcement arrived.

The trend of these militants closely resembles to the one we saw especially in Swat some three years back, who emerged under Fazalullah out of no where, turned peaceful squares into “Bloody Chowks” and employed most inhuman methods of inflicting fear  into the peaceful citizens. In case you are wondering what can make these two barbaric forces similar…. of course nothing less than their mentor and financer across the border in Afghanistan.  Is it that US is leaving Afghanistan by throwing Pakistan into a direct conflict with Afghanistan? Is it the so called ace card US and our neighbor in the East has kept secret for so long?. In case one wants to disagree with this, the arguments will be limited.

The response from our military has been pretty satisfactory and the hue and cry coming from Kabul shows that their “Militia of Devil” have not resisted to the mark, especially with the foreign combined training they have received for years. But as I said earlier, this is nothing more than the tip of the ice berg; a lot is coming toward us. One feels where the fault line lies, which has taken us so deep into this “Night of No-Hope”.  Musharraf, under his one man visionary show had sown the seeds of destruction, especially toward the later phase of his reign where he was negotiating for any lease to his rule. His concession for hot pursuit, drones and spaces like Shamsi were not evident in that phase, but later on this took an entirely ugly shape. Unfortunately, the democracy under the present setup proved more unpopular and weak than the totalitarian era of Musharraf, which meant that they are today in a more appeasing stance than the latter. This has been seen in their silence over growing CIA/ US involvement in Pakistan, unchecked drone attacks, silence over incursion from Afghanistan and foreign involvement in Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan. This policy of keeping “eyes and ear” shut has given way to the entire machinery being handicapped on incidents like May 2nd , growing militancy and much more.

Moreover, very intelligently the media of Pakistan has been pushed on a path of collision with its own forces. The stories of militancy hijacking top brass was nothing less than a spring board to push the boys in uniform off the cliff internally. No denial that elements can be their, but projecting the most professional cadre being hijacked by an invisible hand was a well calculated, imposed effort. The same media hasn’t reached Dir to cover the recent blood shed, nor they have sent correspondent into Afghanistan to ask for Karzai‘s noble version. The forces have more than once clearly allowed the holders of power to undo the sins and mistake of the past. The legislature and executive failed to devise a policy which could enhance self reliance and limit foreign involvement. In short, the present setup has failed to align its policy with the need of the time. This gulf of misunderstanding and growing appeasement has worked as internal erosion for our so valuable assets, and there is no second opinion.

US is rushing toward end game because it knows that its escape is unsustainable. Couldn’t hear a bigger fool than Mr Obama and his team for claiming that now with Osama gone, we have defeated Al Qaeda. He has turned a blind eye to the reality that its an ideology, a thinking, a belief which grows with growing injustice from their side and will disappear the very day US adopts transparency, fairness and justice in its action (Now I sound foolish advising US to adopt these attributes). Same holds true for Pak government in case it needs an exit from this night mare we have found ourselves in. Placing Pakistan 1st along with 200 Pakistanis will save their skin, and our as well. With this their wont be any one to brain wash the innocent, their wont be anyone to raise a standing killer militia on foreign aid and religious disguise, nor our forces will be left watching while foreigners shatter their sovereignty.

The ordinary Pakistani is frustrated, shocked and ashamed on the way our executives are behaving, doubting their sincerity and especially intentions toward this motherland. Masses are helpless right now, but power less. There wasn’t a 1973 constitution which created Pakistan, and same will be the case when it will come to the final push to save it. Democracy, morality and justice needs to be evident, and fruitful else…………………….history gets rewritten again.

2 thoughts on “Pushed to the Wall.. Misconception or Undervaluation?”

  1. A destabilized Pakistan would only be a threat to US and Afghanistan both. So I do not agree that US is up to any such strategy. In the backdrop of the recent visit of ISI chief to Washington, relations seem to be improving also.

  2. For once i agree with you Mr Hamid Abbassi, The US is busy in making an exit from Afghanistan and this will only damage the current situation in Pakistan as the Taliban just might gain upper hand in Afghanistan once again. Even if the Americans pack their bags and leave Afghanistan they should also think of a counter strategy if the situation gets out of hand in the tribal region. The Americans and Pakistani authorities need to work together until we defeat the militants.


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