Punjab Jorr Torr

The routing and sweeping of February 18th has opened up the eyes of PML-Queers big time. Especially in Punjab things are very ugly for them.

Punjab is the biggest parliament in Pakistan with 297 members. PML-N has got 103 seats in this crucial province. PPP is also an aspirant to form a government in Punjab with 79 seats. PML-N has also got the support of two MPAs of MMA, 3 members of PML-Functional and according to the reports from newspapers 30 independent members are also with the PML-N and they will appear at the last stages of government formation.

A Forward block is also in the offing in PML-Q, and people like Khuda Buksh Tiwana have not only joined PML-N but also lobbying hard on behalf of Shahbaz Sharif in PML-Q and he is expected to bring many more defections.

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