Punjab Assembly in Order

Punjab is the biggest province in Pakistan with respect to it’s population, and is considered the most prominent one. Punjab is the focal point of everything that happens in the country and it weilds extreme power in the affairs. So its assembly is very crucial and that is why PML-N has got a very heavy say in the PDA setup.

353 newly elected members of Punjab Assembly have taken oath and they have also elected their chief Minister Dost Mohammad Khosa, who has given numerous sacrifices for the party in the past, and he is there as an interim chief minister for Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif, who will be the real chief minister after taking part in the by elections.

Punjab has to change gears and play a genuine part as the elder brother of NWFP, Balochistan and Sindh. It has to dispel the images that it subjugates the rights and resources of other provinces and in that regard Punjab has to play its part. Dost Mohammad Khosa is there for a short time, but he must try to leave his permanent marks by doing well.

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  1. The female members of punjab assembly are just raising the hands in counting. they have no ideology, no opinion about anything. Forexample, Samina Waseem Butt is not the true representative of her constituency. She knows nothing, does nothing. May God get rid of us such fools.


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