PTCL Crisis

Though the solution to the PTCL crisis is apparently in sight, and there is every chance that things would only improve now in the right direction, there is dire need that the PTCL management, workers associations and the government should sit down and formulate a joint strategy in this regard.

Special Federal Cabinet Committee (SFCC) and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTCL) has done to accept some of the demands of the workers, and they have also taken the Unified Package Salary back, but they need to address the other still unresolved issues, and they must also keep the efficiency of the organization in perspective.

That and the PTCL administration must not puke in front of the workers on everything, and they should also ensure that the customers get the full service at the optimum quality, and that has to be done at the fast paced and services of the PTCL must not get disrupted.

In-charge Minister Communications, Qamar Zaman Kaira should also play his role, and he must engage the representatives of the PTCL management, Etisalat Officials and the workers to ensure that such incident doesn’t happen again.

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