PTA launches service to check how many SIMs are issued in your name

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Amid rampant grievances of consumers against telecommunication service providers, finally PTA has launched a new service which would enable a mobile users in Pakistan to know all SIM connections details issued against their names by just sending their CNIC number to 668 (The ID card number should be written without “-” and space). The sms will cost only Rs. 2.30.

This would help in detecting real identification of a SIM user. This new service is part of PTA efforts to block all illegal SIMs and clean the data of the mobile phone users.

To block all illegal SIMs issued on your ID card number, you should go to the nearest Customer Care Center of that particular telecom company with your Original ID card and its copy. They will check database with your ID card number and will verify your complaint. After that your have to fill up one simple form and will have to submit it with your ID card copy and within 2 days those SIMs would be blocked.

Chairman PTA Dr Mohammad Yaseen said that ‘PTA is cognizant of grievances of telecom consumers and taking number of steps to resolve their issues. In this regard the PTA has revamped complaint handling mechanism of mobile companies, those of the PTCL and other telecom operators’.

A subscriber can launch a complaint with its relevant operator and in case complaint is not resolved consumer can approach PTA Consumer Cell.

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