Protocol for Punjab Chief Minister

The stopgap Prime Minister for Punjab Mr. Dost Mohammad Khosa is trying to enjoy his few days in the sun. He knows that he is there for couple of months and even in this period Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif is pulling the strings and giving the orders.

It’s actually Shahbaz Sharif who is directly giving orders to the police and bureaucracy, and it’s Shahbaz Sharif who is devising policies and directing and appointing different ministers and advisers, and all the postings are being done on the orders of Shahbaz Sharif, and young Khosa has no objection, as he knows and understands the deal.

But Dost Mohammad Khosa must not become a trouble and nuisance for the people of Lahore. He has started visiting the shrines of different religious figures and have started raids on police stations with full blow protocol.

The raids are good thing but this protocol has jammed the Lahore, and people are recalling the era of Pervaiz Elahi. Shahbaz Sharif would do well to restrict the new enthusiastic CM to CM house or to ask him to take it easy.

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