Protect Us Please

In the Marhaba hotel of Peshawar, in a suicide attack, 28 people got killed and 29 injured. On this horrible incident, the whole country is in sheer anger and agony. President, prime minister, chief ministers of all provinces and ministers all have shown their great pain at the said attack, and opposition leaders once again attributed it to the failure of writ of government, and according to them, common citizen is completely insecure and at the mercy of terrorists.

According to some analysts and foreign media, the owner of the hotel, where attack happened, provided some information about a Taliban commander, and the attack was a reaction to that. According to some, this was a part of de-stabilizing the country campaign by the enemy secret agencies ‘RAW’ or ‘KHAD’.

After the suicidal attack in Peshawar, there was yet another terrible attack in Tank in which 7 people got killed and many injured. In order to investigate these nefarious and evil attacks, no stone should be left un-turned and no aspect should be over-looked.

To ensure the safety and security, government has to do more. It is the paramount duty of government to ensure the law and order in the country, it is also the fundamental responsibility of authorities to protect the life and property of masses. Where else we should look for security, other than government. We, the common citizens don’t even have a pistol or gun, how do we protect ourselves from such terrorists? We have delegated our protecting rights to governments, and they should protect us.

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