Protect Tribal Elders

The war in the tribal region is the war which is still undecided in terms of result and the in terms of its execution and in terms of its ownership. Nobody really understands it, yet everybody is fighting it while wondering.

Right now the militants are the opponents of everyone. What is their strategy? It is to destroy the ability of the government to rule and to have its’ affairs there. Everything they are accomplishing in the area by force and by hook is to destroy the writ of the state. They destroy the state’s ability to enforce order and the state’s ability to perform services. They destroy girl’s schools and terrorize teachers.

Besides of the enemy of the infrastructure they are aiming at the very infrastructure of the tribes. They are also killing out the Maliks of the tribal entities. They kill tribal leaders and elders who are local agents of the government or related to the political agents in the agencies. Partly because of the absence of the state and partly because of the chaos they create themselves, their subsequent attempts to restore order are welcomed by a segment of the population who prefers any order to pure chaos and violence.

Government can only win against these militants by protecting these tribal elders.

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