Proper Skin Care For Dry Skin

When it comes to skin care, there are different things that you can do and different steps to take depending on the type of skin you have. Dry skin in particular can be challenging, but there are ways to maintain proper skin care and keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

Causes of Dry Skin:
There are a few common problems that are considered to cause dry skin, one in particular being a malfunctioning of the oil glands. If these glands do not continuously supply enough lubrication to the skin, the skin will become dehydrated and look and feel tight and dry. Winter is also very drying on the skin, so even if you do not normally have skin problems you may experience them in winter because of the harsher, colder climate conditions. Regardless of where your dry skin originated, now that you have determined the problem, the next step is to find a solution.

Determining a Proper Skin Care Regime:
Now that you have determined you need a skin care regime, it’s time to find the proper skin care products for your use. The first important rule to stick by is that you should never use regular bar soap on your body, especially on your face. Even the best and most expensive bar soap is still going to be harmful and drying on your delicate skin, so you need to make sure that you always use an appropriate face cleansing product instead.

Also, you should never wipe your face dry after cleansing. For proper skin care you should stick to just patting it dry. Regular stimulation with moisturizer is also very important, but remember that only moisturizing a certain amount is going to be enough, and if you try to overdo it, you are just going to make the problem worse. By including a proper amount and type of moisturizer in your daily skin care regime, you will be increasing the water content of the outer layers of your skin, thus nourishing it with the moisture that it needs.

Drinking a proper amount of water is crucial to proper skin care. Not only do you have the keep the exterior of your skin moisturized, but your body as well so that it can produce and pump moisture to your skin. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will help tremendously, and you also want to eat a healthy diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. You should also try to avoid having baths and showers that are very hot, as this will only dry your skin out even more. When you can, rinse your skin and hair under lukewarm to cool water. As well, when you have a bath, try adding a few drops of bath oil to the water, as this will help lubricate your skin. Make sure that the moisturizer you apply after the bath will adhere properly on your skin.

It is really important to recognize that no skin care regime is more important than for dry skin. Not only is dry skin the hardest to take care of but also the most potentially dangerous if left untreated. Dry skin can progress and lead to serious conditions like eczema and psoriasis if not properly treated with the right skin care products. You don’t get a second chance with your skin, so make sure you do everything you can to take proper care of it.

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