Prompt payment

Maulvi Noor Ahmad Chishti narrates an incident about Shah Hussein Lahori in his Tehqiqat-e-Chishtia. Dullah Bhatti never approved of Mughals and remained active against them. Mughal King Akbar got hold of him and ordered to death. Dullah Bhatti was to be hanged publicly near Nela Gumbad or some place around Landa Bazaar in Lahore. Lahore Kotwal (Police Chief) Ali Malik was supervising the execution where Lahorites had flocked in large number. Shah Hussein had affiliations with Dullah Bhatti and agued with the Police Chief. Ali Mali threatened Shah Hussein saying, “I will get you nailed before evening.”

Shah Hussein responded, “You will be nailed before causing any trouble to me.”

Ali Malik had to report to King Akbar and tell him last words of Dullah Bhatti after it was over. “Dullah Bhatti kept calling names and abusing you,” Ali Malik reported to King Akbar” who was infuriated with Ali Malik on repeating every thing verbatim. Akbar ordered Ali Malik to be nailed.

Order of the King was implemented the same evening.

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  1. Dullah Bhatti was the proletariat leader of his time. He opposed Mughal-imperialism till his last breath. Such great leaders are born in centuries.


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