Promise of Judiciary

As Musharraf walks out, 9th March, 2007 cannot be forgotten when the lawyers of the country took to the street their protest in the wake of the Musharraf’s ill-fated decision to depose the chief justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary and while Musharraf did that he basically stamped the verdict on his fate from his own hands.

There was no looking back from there on. He has do go sixty days shy of completing his nine years of absolute rule, which was eclipsed by his own hands. He came with the promises of change and went out by changing Pakistan into a more desperate place. In their exasperation, apprehension and haplessness Pakistanis seemed to be hopeless to expect the ouster of Musharraf and when he went out there was a complete ecstasy all over the place.

To give where credit is due the departure of Musharraf is the result of February 18 mandate which the people gave to democratic forces and it goes with out saying that now it is the prime and paramount responsibility of the government to fulfill its promise and restore the November 2 judiciary.

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