Progressing sectors of FATA and Swabi

Despite the political turmoil and security apprehensions raising eyebrows in Federally Administered Tribal Areas and North West Frontier Province, small but noticeable progress in education and journalism sectors are on there way. The significance of journalism and mass communication cannot be ignored in Pakistan. For many years this department was never given its due share in rebuilding values of the society. But now the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced the approval of ten PhD scholarships for Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) journalists. This stance has been made to enhance the professional aptitude in regards to the changing geopolitical synopsis said the Regional director of HEC, Farman ullah Anjum. Dr. Shahjehan Sayed said, “Dead journalist is no journalist.” He added that journalists are not suppose to be party during any ongoing conflict but their reporting should lead towards resolution and peace building measures.

Similarly, another positive step at provincial level by government in Swabi has been taken. The number of male and female teachers has been increased to 2488. Sources have reported that in Swabi Tehsil a total of 1183 male primary schools teachers have been promoted to BPS-12 from BPS-7. On the basis of promotion policy of NWFP regarding the up gradation of teachers, those who complete ten years of service as primary school teachers were granted these promotions. Sums of 427 female teachers were also promoted from BPS-7 to BPS-9 in Chota Tehsil Lahore. Parts from these almost 190 male primary school teachers of Chota Tehsil Lahore have also been promoted from BPS-7 to BPS-9. 196 female primary school teachers of Swabi and Topi Tehsil have also received promotions form BPS-& to BPS-9. All the assigned staff will receive their arrears by October.

These small but significant initiations taken at provincial level not only contribute in maturation of educational sector but encourage such process at other district levels too.

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