Professional Paradigm Shift

Its 8.51 pm IST and I am in office, surprising fact is I came in at 6.00 am.

Now that’s a odd shift but when you sign in a contract with a client to offer your services 24/7 people like me actually don’t have choice, we would be thrown with a statement “you are being paid!”.

I have been thinking for a while and its really eating me up from within, I am earning almost 50 grands a month but I have no time to spent with my family, its been ages I have been on a holiday and I haven’t been on a date since past two years.

Now there are couple of reasons I would like to mention about not been able to date someone.

– I am and IT professional and I am into Operations ( 24/7 routine and the shift circus)
– No female counter part in operations ( now that’s the scenario almost everywhere barring a few exceptions which I have never experienced)

Now all these environmental variables make me nostalgic and i thinks of the 80’s and 90’s when people used to work for 7hrs a day and come back and spent time with their family and then retire on time with enough savings.

But today I want to be fast, need a huge apartment, a speedy sporty car and designer wardrobe.

This has all actually pushed me in a viscious circle I run behind money, take any job which pays me well and then its the same old story.
I think i need a Professional Paradigm Shift and before this I need a “MENTAL PARADIGM SHIFT”

I am going to do what I am best at, what I enjoy doing and not run behind money, it will follow me automatically.

That’s what SRK did, that’s what probably every successful person does.

Its a tough way but as we all know “NO GUTS NO GLORY”

I am going to have a PARADIGM SHIFT soon because I already had my “MENTAL PARADIGM SHIFT”

My shift ends at 2.30 pm IST

Dedicated to all the people behind computers across all the continents.

Cheers 🙂

5 thoughts on “Professional Paradigm Shift”

  1. @Hina Safdar and 4James Killian Spratt
    thnx for ur valued comments
    just trying to make a point that whether you want it or not its the social fabric and culture that will make you run after money to a certain extent.
    and trust me after you to buy a house trying to pay ur eductaional loans this amount doesnt make any sense given the inflation rate rising consistently.
    cheers 🙂

  2. Congratulations on doing so well; not everyone can. If you can take the heat, stay in the kitchen. I don’t think I’d announce it in public, tho; you’re liable to make a lot of new “friends” who really won’t help you do anything but spend it.

  3. @ Shakir
    yes 50 grands (INR) is a huge salary if u r a bachelor.
    and yes people are earning more than 1.5 lacs (INR) here
    teh spending capacity has increased by almost 300% in past decade.

  4. 50 grand (rupees) is not a huge salary (even if it’s Indian rupees). And I doubt if there’s any Indian (apart from the film stars and corporate chiefs) who earn 50 grand dollars a month. Correct me if I’m wrong.


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