Product Follow-up

No matter, how small or big a company you are. No matter, you produce a product which is utilized from Tanzania to Tennessee and from Wah, Punjab to Wahoo, Nebraska or you produce a product which is just utilized in one district of Karachi, you should be following your customers like that they are the only one using it and your whole butter and bread depends upon it. Ideal and fantastic isn’t it?

Just imagine, you have just downloaded a trial version of a software from internet and have been testing it for 5 days, and now on 5th day, you receive an email from that company’s representative. The email goes something like this:

Dear user, we hope you are fine. We really appreciate for taking you some of your precious time out and evaluating our product. Thanks a lot for using it for now 5 days . Ooops, if you haven’t yet used it, would you be kind enough to try it out at your earliest convenience?

I’m the person responsible to assist during your evaluation of software and interested to know how your evaluation is coming along nicely or not. Does the product meet your requirements? Do you like the product? Do you feel passionate about it? or rather just don’t like it, or to our bad luck, just hate it?

Please feel free to post your feedback, issues, etc.. We will try to fix them asap.

Also kindly note that this is not SPAM. We are trying to get user feedback to improve our product. We will not send you further follow-up e-mails until further communication is done from your side.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards…

I mean that’s some thing extra ordinary (no, no not because I have written it, though that might be a reason). Normally the trend is that, on web, as soon as you register for a trial version, a mail pops up in your inbox asking for your feed back, as your solo purpose for coming in this world or in this virtual world was to evaluate their product. And some how by some magic power, you have along with registering for that product also have evaluated and passed that product.

Give me a break. Give me some time to check it out, and also make sure after some days whether I am checking it out or not. Also in the world of spam, tell me you are not spamming me. That’s not cumbersome, thats the new customer service a.k.a market grabing.

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