Problems With Peace TV

Peace TVMost of the people on peace TV are engineers and doctors who have read a few books on Islam and are ready to preach to the world, even in matters that are complicated, which can only be commented on by those scholars who have had proper Islamic education. A person becomes entitled to give fatwas after becoming a mufti, which takes nine grueling years; two additional years after becoming an alim. However, those on peace TV seem ready to give fatwas after reading a few books.

It is not amusing or silly but shocking to hear nonsensical fatwas. It is the height of uselessness to deny schools of fiqh, taweez, purdah, and label everything bidah. I usually don’t dwell on purdah to avoid creating controversy, but we all know it is compulsory in Islam. God bless those women who observe purdah, and God bless those who don’t. There is no force is Islam. However, Islam cannot be molded by the whims of bearded people on peace TV, who know little about Islam and are misleading people like there is no tomorrow.

Schools of fiqh represent the sunnahs of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). He did things in many ways. If there were no schools of fiqh, many sunnahs would be wiped out. Lets take a look at the way we fold hands in prayer. This was done in many ways by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.). Hanafis fold hands below their navel, Shafis put them above the navel, Malikis put them on their chest, and Hanbalis don’t fold hands at all. During the time of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), many munafiqeen used to pray with idols hidden in their arms. Due to this reason, for a brief period of time, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) started praying without folding hands so that munafiqeen would not be able to join salah. Not folding hands at all is also sunnah. Using the example of folding arms in salah is just one example. There are countless other examples which show how the schools of fiqh have protected the sunnahs of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.). Anyone who is against the schools of fiqh is against the sunnahs of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.).

Although the examples of schools of fiqh, purdah, bidah, etc, are a few, I don’t know on how many other issues the people on peace TV are misleading gullible people, especially when they label perfectly acceptable things bidah. If there is anything that should be labeled bidah, then that is TV. Or wait, I forgot, according to the daft example given by those on peace TV, a thing only becomes good or bad according to it’s use. According to their daft example, a knife can be used to cut bread or someone’s throat. Similarly, TV is okay if it is used to watch “good” channels. In that case, maybe fornication can also be called good if it is done with widows or those women who are not satisfied by their husbands. Can peace TV preachers come up with more daft examples to support TV? If there is anything that should be labeled bidah, then that is TV.

According to those on peace TV, everything (except TV) is a bidah, unless it is found in Quran or Hadith. According to them, this post must also be a bidah, since blogging is not found in either Quran or Hadith.

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