Problems with Dieting

A person must exercise and eat the right kinds of food to lose weight. This is common sense. People who don’t want to exercise think that dieting is an alternative and the dieting industries only confirm this wrong belief. Diet industries only want to make money. This is obvious. And what will they do to make money. Anything. This includes blatant lies about dieting itself and their products.

With dieting people first go into starvation mode and then depression mode. Dieting causes weakness in the body and a person only loses fat to a certain extent. After that they start losing muscle tissue. One other thing is that when people starve themselves they will eat much more than they usually do, because they haven’t eaten for so long.

Exercising and eating the right kinds of food is enough. There is no reason to destroy oneself through dieting.

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  1. If a man or woman is overweight, he or she can develop heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. So everyone should try to stay within the allowed weight. To know whether you are fat or slim, calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). If it is within the range for your age and height, you need not go on a diet. However, for some reason, in Muslim countries, people think being fat or overweight is healthy. Everyone eats like there won’t be any food available tomorrow. There are overweight people even in the slums, where most people are poor.


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