Problems faced by the locals in flood hit areas of Peshawar

Almost 130 villages have been badly affected by the floods in outskirts of Peshawar. Despite several numbers of medical teams, health departments and NGO’s assistance to relief flood hit people; the ongoing activities are not felt enough. In Peshawar relief activities are in place but due to the lack of proper management and mechanism the effected people have expressed their dissatisfaction. During a visit of APP team to these areas where aid is, being provided by the government and other relief agencies on Pagagi road the local people proclaimed that the relief commodities and items are supplied but due to improper management, they do not reach the deserving people. The relief camps and activities are underway in Patwar, Payan, Kandoz, Boda, Gulab Kada, Maskeen Abad and Bilalabad.

A local resident, Garib Gul has said that almost 250 houses were completely destroyed but the people did not receive any aid or assistance. He alleged, “Some people were provided tents and blankets while the deserving people were ignored.” Rehamt Khan from Methra said, “My house was completely damaged and local people from the surrounding village provided us food and extended all the support.” He added that full-fledged support and assistance of government was required to cope with this unprecedented damage caused by the flood.

The effected people are stressing on the need of clean drinking water, medicine and treatment for livestock. The effected people have also appealed the national and international relief organizations to aid them and contribute in the rehabilitation efforts on urgent basis.

Provincial president of “People’s Doctors Forum” has said that they are providing free treatment, clean drinking water and medicine to the people. “We have examined around 900 patients in last three days”, he said. Around 800 houses were destroyed by the flood, he added.

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