Priorities for Swat IDPs recomended by UN

Displaced people at the Jalozai refugee camp near Peshawar

The rehabilitation of Swat IDPs will take some more time as the efforts to send them back and let them be settled in their own homes seems to be a far cry as there has been no time frame for it. The latest UN OCHA ( United States Office For the CO-Ordination of Humanitarian Affairs ) Pakistan-NWFP Situation Report #6, released on June 26, 2009 Highlights following priorities for Swat IDPs:

• The influx of large numbers of IDPs in certain camps has created the need for suitable land to establish new IDP camps as well as a corresponding need to decongest some existing sites.

Congestion in a number of camps is impacting living standards.

Additional humanitarian partners are needed to provide and distribute food to camps and schools.

• There is a need to ensure the availability of fortified blended food for the supplementary feeding programme.

• Returning IDPs need maize seed and fertilizer to have a bumper kharif (maize) crop to compensate for the winter rabi (wheat) crop which was not harvested

I urge all of you to keep the flame burning for IDPs and don’t show a cold shoulder towards them. Help them in this time of distress so that they can safely and happily return to their homes and remember our hospitality.

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  1. This is heartbreaking. The key to remember is the situation is NOT getting any better especially with the military offensive in Waziristan. The number of IDPs is staggering and I think this is often lost in the news.


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